Community Programs

A simple, repeatable educational program to teach full-stack development. Build skills through open-source projects. Mentorship for developers of all stripes & skill levels. Pairing would-be entrepreneurs with technical cofounders and teammates.

Community-Driven Education

Most students fail because they lack the support needed to push through adversity. Our Meetup group hosts bi-weekly 'stand-up' meetings during the workweek to provide accountability, with a weekend event on Saturday or Sunday to bring the community together.


Understand Engineering Culture

Our community offers weekly 'Sprint Planning' and 'Sprint Retrospective' meetings during the weekend to plan our open-source work on #thehub & to help students understand how engineering teams work, to practice estimating their ticket items & build confidence in themselves as developers.


Build Products for the Market

Courses & tutorials are great, but most of the practical experience you need to be attractive to employers comes from building actual products. We pair students with local entrepreneurs to create compelling portfolio pieces & businesses together.

Educational Resources

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Knowledge Hub
Community Learning Database

Our community curates the best learning resources for learning full-stack development from from all over the internet, tailored to the FSA Technical Standard and we are actively developing #thehub as a collective learning experience for our community through Open-Source Software (OSS).

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Hack the learning process

Laptop stickers to help you learn to use the bash terminal, power-moves on VS Code text editor, how to use the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), and more. Available for free at your local FSA Meetup.

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FSA Blueprint
Your Blueprint for Success in 2019

We detail the FSA Technical Standard - the skills you need to succeed in 2019. Guide includes how to build a marquee portfolio project, find freelance work, a full-time job, or get started with building a product that can change the world. You can purchase the Blueprint today & support the growth of FSA's community programs.